Our New 125 Spectator Stand

Completed 2013

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1962 Senior's

A winning year for the Roslea Shamrocks

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Stars of the Future

Youth players showing Great promise

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Roslea Shamrocks SFG Winners 2010

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Junior Team

Our juniors featured in Erne Cup 1 in 2014 and played 18 games, winning 16 and losing 2, one of which we conceded ...More

Minor Team

Roslea minors entered the season recognised as one of the top teams in the county after a great year . . . .more

Under 16 Team

The boys entered the league at Section C and were to find the games difficult against better opposition....more

Younger Teams

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Gaelic Games are reputed to have been played in Roslea as far back as the 1870’s. Since then Roslea Shamrocks has provided a sporting outlet for generations of the youth of our parish. We are a vibrant club who are committed to progressing both on and off the pitch. Over the years numerous county titles have been achieved while on the facilities and infrastructure side we have developed our Club Complex, a Prunty Pitch and a fully seated spectator stand. More is planned so watch this space.

Our success has been achieved as a result of strong community support in every way. Roslea Shamrocks won the Comhairle Uladh award for Fermanagh in the millennium year for best club set up.

25th May 2020


Due to the direct message of social distancing from the authorities and possible further restraints on movement, the Executive Committee have taken the unprecedented step to suspend our weekly lotto. Our utmost goal is the health and wellbeing of our members and community. All tickets currently purchased will remain valid for when it restarts and the jackpot will be £4,000. As works are ongoing around the grounds it is imperative that we increase our Cairde membership. All coordinators are asked to liaise with Seamus McMahon. All new members welcome. Many thanks for your continued support. Seamroga Abu. K. Boyle, Chairperson.


Due to the most recent directive by both governments and taking Public Health advice, the GAA have issued guidance on 25 th March that supersedes any earlier guidance, and have instructed GAA clubs to close ALL of their facilities COMPLETELY. The GAA have therefore suspended all insurances including Public Liability and as a club we are not in a position to allow access to our walkway to the public. The Executive Committee of Roslea Shamrocks implore our community to follow all guidance around practising social distancing, to support one another and to self-isolate if you present with any symptoms of this great pandemic. We will issue further guidance regarding our facilities as directed by the GAA. K.Boyle, Chairperson.

Club Activity

The GAA has decided to suspend all activity at club, inter-county and educational levels due to the Covid-19 Virus. This is to include all games, training and team gatherings at all ages and all grades. In the meantime, the Association is encouraging all members to continue to follow the guidelines which have been provided by the health authorities. If members are feeling isolated please contact a committee member and we will try to help in any way we can, we urge all our members to stay safe in the days/weeks to come.

Social Media

The club has started a “One Minute With” series with Roslea folk across all generations. This can be found on our Club Facebook and Twitter. If you played/volunteered for Roslea Shamrocks and want to share some memories please get in touch!


Lockdown won’t last forever! Win a two night stay in Hotel Westport (4 Star) with dinner included on one night OR £500 STG. Numbers 1-100 are available/ £20 per number. The draw will take place once all numbers have been taken. Please contact the club Facebook or a committee member for a number! If you’re not in, you can’t win!

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The Club should ensure that it has adequate disciplinary, complaints and appeals procedures in place. It is important to note that the investigation of suspected child abuse is the responsibility of the statutory authorities will not be undertaken by the Childrens Officer or other club Volunteers/Officials. The standard reporting procedure outlined in the Statutory Authorities guidelines should be followed by the club and adhered to by its members.

Complaints/Disciplinary Procedures

Dealing with a Complaint

All complaints should be submitted in writing either to the Chairperson or the Designated Officer (in the instance of a child protection issue).

If the complaint is submitted at Club Level it is the responsibility of the Club to deal with the complaint.

If the complaint is submitted at County Board Level the County Board must take responsibility to deal with the complaint.

If, in the opinion of the Chairperson/Designated Officer, there are grounds for concern, the Statutory Authorities should be contacted.

Disciplinary Committee

Roslea Shamrocks GFC:

Disciplinary Committee will consist of:

(a)The Chairperson (Who shall be Chair)

(b)The Secretary (Who shall be Secretary)

(c) The Youth Officer

(d) The Child Protection Officer

The committee will be made aware of the issue of confidentiality.

Role of the Disciplinary Committee

  • It is the responsibility of the Disciplinary Committee to resolve problems relating to the conduct of the members of Roslea Shamrocks GFC.
  • A complaint of any incident of suspected misconduct, including bullying will be dealt with by the Disciplinary Committee.

Disciplinary Procedures

  1. The Disciplinary Committee will inform the individual with details of the complaint made against him/her and afford him/her the opportunity of providing a response either verbally or in writing.
  1. The Disciplinary Committee will meet with all parties involved, affording each party the same rights and opportunities 
  1. The Disciplinary Committee will provide a written report outlining the following:
  • the procedure followed
  • the findings
  • the conclusions and
  • any disciplinary actions to be taken.
  1. All parties will receive a copy of this report and a copy of the report will be kept on record.
  1. The Disciplinary Committee will, as soon as possible, inform the Executive Committee of the progress and conclusions of the disciplinary process. 


Where it has been established that an incident of misconduct has taken place, the Disciplinary Committee will notify the member of any sanction being imposed. The notification will be made in writing, setting out the reasons for the sanction. If the member is under 18 years of age, correspondence will be addressed to the parents/guardians.

Appeals Process

 If the member against whom the complaint was made is unhappy with the decision of the Disciplinary Committee he/she will have the right to appeal the decision to an Appeals Committee (independent of the Disciplinary Committee).

Roslea Shamrocks GFC Appeals Committee will consist of:

(a) The Deputy Chairman (Who Shall be Chair)

(b) The Assistant Secretary (Who Shall be Secretary)

(c) The Assistant Treasurer

(d) The Development and Integrations Office.

Any appeal should be made in writing within 7 days after issue of the decision of the Disciplinary Committee. The Chairperson of the Appeals Committee should be a member of the Executive Committee. The Appeals Committee have the power to confirm, set aside or change any sanction imposed by the Disciplinary Committee.


  • A code of conduct reflecting a child centred ethos is in operation; this code has been disseminated thought the club and is applied to all Youth Coaches.
  • The Club Executive Committee deals with all disciplinary problems. Clearly defined procedures are in place to resolve problems relating to the conduct of its members. This includes bullying.
  • The Executive Committee will initiate establish a standing sub-committee to conduct an investigation following a compliant into any incident of suspect misconduct that does not relate to child abuse. The sub-committee will report back to the Executive Committee of progress of the disciplinary procedures.
  • Written confidential records of all complaints are safely and confidentially kept and club procedures are defined for the possession of such records in event of the election of new officers.
  • The sub-committee will furnish the individual details of the complaint being made against him/her and afford him/her the opportunity of providing a response either verbally or in writing.
  • Where it is established that an incident of misconduct has taken place the sub-committee will notify the member of any sanction being imposed. The notification should be made in writing, setting out the reasons for the sanction. If the member is under 18 years of age, correspondence will be address to the parents/guardian.
  • If the member against who the complaint has been made is unhappy with the decision of the disciplinary committee s/he should have the right to appeal the decisions to the Executive Committee. Any appeal must be in writing and must be received by the Secretary at the latest three days after the appeal.
  • The Executive Committee will have the power to conform, set aside or change any sanction imposed by the disciplinary committee.
  • If any party is not satisfied with the outcome the matter can be referred to the Derry County Board. However efforts to resolve the issue will be exhausted before the Governing body is engaged in attempts to resolve the matter.


Download This Policy

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